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    uPVC outdoor furniture set is consisted of bench and table which designed to be used outdoor. The uPVC outdoor furniture is stronger than the plastic furniture which was extruded from PE. The PE furniture is thinner and does not withstand the outside environment like uPVC outdoor furniture. uPVC outdoor furniture is the used of many different uPVC profiles to assemble one furniture. The profile is extruded with high thickness and better compositions that PE type.


   Wooden outdoor furniture was once used to be a very famous type of outdoor furniture during the time which the technology was still low developed. By that time, wooden outdoor furniture was fabricated from small pieces of logs and wood, joined each pieces of wood with nails. Next era when plastic become famous, outdoor furniture was then made of extruded Polyethylene but still had problem with the product aging which was seem too short. The problem on the production of wooden outdoor furniture is the shape and pattern of the furniture which is hardly assembled due to the size of wood.

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